Spotted: Where New York Tech Eats and Drinks

By nature, entrepreneurs have no interest in abiding by the status quo. So predictably, when it comes to the Manhattan power lunch, they choose to do things a little differently from their old media and Wall Street brethren. Silicon Alley Insider has put together a list of where New York techies wine and dine in the daytime—consider it an update on a similar Dinevore list First Round Capital’s Charlie O’Donnell did last November.

By and large, their lunch haunts are more casual–like the Cambodian sandwich shop Num Pang which has a few stools upstairs from their tiny kitchen–and close to the tech corridor from DogPatch Labs on 12th to the top of Madison Square Park. LocalBigWig founder Ray Madronio recommends the classic pulled pork sandwich at Num Pang, but Betabeat suggests the Hoison veal meatball with Sriacha mayo. Even if you don’t like meatballs, trust us.

For bootstrapped founders, affordability is also a concern. Hence ‘wichcraft’s 3-6pm ‘Happy Hour’ featuring half-off on coffee and tea.

Not one for borough snobbery, Betabeat reached out to techies in Brooklyn to find out where they go when/if they leave their desks. Dumbo’s dearth of options makes Rebar the winner by default (we heard a rumor that Choice Market is shutting down this month). But Bnter’s Lauren Leto, who holes up in the Makery, says she normally hops on the L. “Funny thing is, I’ve only once met a VC in Brooklyn and it was for coffee. I don’t like taking lunch meetings, breaks up too much of my day. When I do have a meeting during lunch, it’s almost always in Manhattan— at Taralluci, Ippudo—anything easily accessible by the L train.” Spotted: Where New York Tech Eats and Drinks