Start-Up News: Web Video OMG, Kickstarter Makes a Kickstarter, and Nodejitsu Doesn’t Need You but More Than 100 Start-Ups Do

The start-up week starts Wednesday:

VIDEO LAUNCH. General Assembly-based, launched by Vimeo alum Casey Pugh and Know Your Memester Jamie Wilkinson about a month and a half ago, is in public beta as of yesterday. The app, which creates a curated stream of video based on links your friends share on Twitter, Tumblr and the rest, has a better looking interface than TechStars-hatched competitor and more channels , verticals, or filters, whatever you want to call them–but unlike Shelby, doesn’t put emphasis on who exactly shared what. “Coming soon: mixtape-style playlists, an API for developers, and iPhone, iPad and Boxee apps,” the company teased.

Meanwhile, Blip.TV and YouTube are ramping up efforts to suck users into web television with the same enthusiasm previous generations had for television-television.

KICKSTARTER TEASES TEE. There’s a link going around that declares–“this is not a Kickstarter shirt“–it’s a lie. Kickstarter founder Yancey Strickler has been printing t-shirts with stats from the box that hangs up and to the right of every project, indicating how much money has been raised and how many days are left; he’s been giving them out to friends but is now scaling the project. Since the number of shirts to be printed is fixed, donors can consider themselves part of a special Kickstarter club, he says in the video.

UBER WENT TO THE HAMPTONS. No really, they did. Uber’s New York office sent drivers of two cars to the Hamptons over the weekend to drive well-heeled vacationers around from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., Friday to Sunday, at the same rates found in the city.

NO VACANCY. Recently-funded, bi-coastal start-up Nodejitsu is up to 12 developers. “The hiring spree slows down,” said co-founder Marak Squires.

ALSO, IN HIRES. Former Quirky community intern Ruthea Noteware has joined ex-Zagat mobile chief Ryan Charles on his boot-strapped start-up Consmr (not to be confused with New Jersey-based Cnsmr).

NOW HIRING. “Quick update is we are over 100 start-ups and counting, 250 registered job seekers and counting (we are going to begin getting aggressive outbound push from some great sources, so expect every bit of 1000 candidates),” Silicon Alley Job Fair organizer Tarek Pertew writes with about two weeks to go to the event.

APPS, EVENTS ‘N LEFTOVERS. Skype competitor ooVoo, 26 million users, launches iPhone app. The June 8 New York Tech Meetup will start at 7:30 pm, instead of the usual 7 pm. Continuing hacker education group Collabracode hosting demos on Saturday, June 4 (there will be dumplings!). Union Square Ventures partner Brad Burnham is speaking at General Assembly tonight;  DUMBO Tech Breakfast meets Friday. Consultant Bill Manos taking over for Andrew Ran-Wong as head of the meetup for New York Business Entrepreneurs Network, which is up to more than 10,400 registered “business mavens.”

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Start-Up News: Web Video OMG, Kickstarter Makes a Kickstarter, and Nodejitsu Doesn’t Need You but More Than 100 Start-Ups Do