Sunday Reading: Cuomo's Big Win, Bloomberg's Budget Concessions


June 24, 2011, Albany - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announces passage of the Marriage Equality Act, granting same-sex couples the freedom to marry under the law, as well as hundreds of rights, benefits, and protections that have been limited to married couples of the opposite sex. (via Cuomo's flickr stream)

2016: Cuomo leads the way; Gillibrand also floated. [Chris Cillizza / Washington Post]

Backstory: Cuomo told GOP “I am more of an asset than the vote will be a liability.” [Michael Barbaro / New York Times]

Lockdown: No debate, no leaving the chamber. [David King / Gotham Gazette]

Analysis: “amazing year” for Cuomo. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Analysis: “grand slam of remarkable success.” [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Analysis: Cuomo has a pension problem. [New York Post]

Analysis: “[O]dd that the first black president is letting Andrew Cuomo, who pushed through a gay-marriage bill in Albany on Friday night, go down in history as the leader on the front lines of the civil rights issue of our time.” [Maureen Dowd / New York Times]

Analysis: “He got what he wanted this winter and spring in Albany, and now he owns the near-future of the state like no other governor in recent memory.” [Chris Smith / NY mag]

Parade: “It’s going to be wild” predicted City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. [Annie Karnie and Candice Giove / NY Post]

Wedding: Quinn to marry next spring. [Annie Karnie / NY Post]

Culture War: “Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, of the diocese of Brooklyn, called on all Catholic schools to reject any honor bestowed upon them by Gov. Cuomo.” [Jose Bayona and Christina Boyle / Daily News]

Opposition: Brooklyn Bishop complains about lack of debate on same-sex marriage. [Nicholas DiMarzio / Daily News]

Rare Sighting: Electeds changing their mind. [Margaret Talbot / New Yorker]

Greg Ball’s Vote: Following his indecision and vote. [On Top magazine]

Stephen Saland’s Vote: “My husband and I have been lobbying Stephen Saland since 2008,” said a Poughkeepsie resident. [John Davis and Craig Wolf / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Andrew Lanza’s Praise: “He’s pretty amazing to work with” the Republican said of Cuomo. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Nationwide: Legalize same-sex marriage across the country by 2020, hopes Evan Wolfson. [AP]

Grand Marshals: Dan Savage and his partner. [AP]

Reform: “The only solution will be to radically reinvent government, and on that, the early Cuomo record is disappointing.” [Greg David / Crains]

Budget: “It was the third year in a row that Bloomberg has threatened to close fire companies and the second that teachers’ jobs were put on the chopping block.” [Erin Einhorn and Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Fire Houses: All 20 slated to close were spared. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Fire Houses: Fire union boss helped lobby for Bloomberg’s taxi plan. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Saving Teachers: “a higher-than-anticipated rate of retirements and an agreement from the United Federation of Teachers to a one-year suspension of sabbaticals and eased rules on how unassigned teachers can be used as substitutes.” [Henry Goldman / Bloomberg]

Weiner: Still on his phone. And with Huma. [NY Post]

Sunday Reading: Cuomo's Big Win, Bloomberg's Budget Concessions