Sunday Reading: Steve Israel Calls Weiner, Quinn Rises, Sweeney Returns

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, at a same-sex marriage press conference in Queens on June 10. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Internet Revolution: Obama wants to help dissidents access the internet to undermine repressive regimes. [James Glanz and John Markoff / NY Times]

2013: Without Anthony Weiner, Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson are the front-runners. Scott Stringer is boosted. With Thompson, John Liu can’t run. Also, Liu and Bill de Blasio occupy too similar a niche. [David Seifman / NY Post]

2013: “Alec Baldwin ‘s campaign for New York City mayor must be serious. He’s just snagged the endorsement of Chevy Chase.” [Ellis Henican / Newsday]

Pressure: Rep. Israel called Weiner to demand he resign. [Ray Hernandez and Michael Barbaro / NY Times]

Photos: Reportedly took self-pics in the congressional gym. [Kelly Collins / Glittarazzi via TMZ]

Context: “This nation focuses on sexual conduct far more than it does on other ethical, legal and moral issues.” [Gary Baumgarten /]

Outrage: “[W]e haven’t heard feminist organizations condemn the 46-year-old Democratic congressman.” [Ruben Navarrette / Real Clear Politics]

Precedent: “One possible explanation for her swift reaction is that she is attempting to set a precedent for any Republican scandals down the road.” [Adam Sorensen / Time]

Backlash: A Weiner supporter is unhappy Dems are abandoning him. [Graham Murphy / Twitter]

Tactics: “Even in trying to come clean, Weiner’s communication strategy was seriously flawed…broken so many basic professional communication rules, it’s mindboggling.” [Steve Adubato /]

Social Media: Cory Booker isn’t impressed with Weiner’s Twitter skills. [Michael Feeney / Daily News]

Great Taboo: More on Weiner’s racially-tinged flyer from 1991. [Alexander Hart / Vdare]

Jobs: He could do TV, like Spitzer. [Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Jobs: “no sane employer would hire him.” [Michael Goodwin / NY Post]

Jobs: “It’s only a matter of time before flirtation texting leads to sexting.” [Ashely Dupre / NY Post]

Same-Sex Marriage: Leading opponents have $13 million sources say; funders unknown. [Douglas Feiden / Daily News]

Visits: Obama to see Sister Act on June 23. [Page Six]

Immigration: Editors disappointed “Cuomo bowed to special-interest pressure” by withdrawing from Secure Communities federal program. [NY Post]

Tobacco: City official blames Newport maker for supplying bootleggers by oversupplying Indian reservations. [Gary Busio / NY Post]

Housing: Silver could benefit financially by loosening rules at building where lives. [Candice Giove / NY Post]

Congressman Hiring Lobbyists: Eliot Engel gets Spano, Brian Higgins hired Lynch, and Joe Crowley gets Meara. All working on redistricting. [Jon Campbell / Democrat and Chronicle] First reported by Maggie Haberman at Politico.

Jobs: Former GOP Rep. Sweeney now a lawyer, specializing in labor, congressional investigations and federal employees. [Carol Demare / Times Union]

Disclosure: $30,000 for pizza, by Rochester city officials. [Brian Sharp / Democrat and Chronicle]

Campaign Finance: “No reason” not to move forward with public financing of campaigns, as DiNapoli proposed. [Jay Jochnowitz / Times Union]

Campaign Finance: Editors unhappy Lew Fidler spent nearly all his $88,550 matching funds in 2009 against nominal GOP rival. [Daily News]

Crime: Adams wants increased penalties for assaulting lawmakers. [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Sunset: Vito Fossella influence on GOP comes to an end. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance] Sunday Reading: Steve Israel Calls Weiner, Quinn Rises, Sweeney Returns