Susan Sarandon Gets the House (Well, Technically, It’s a Chelsea Loft)

So beautiful, so propertied.

1991 was a good year for Susan Sarandon. Thelma and Louise came out, landing her on the cover of Time magazine with Gina Davis, and she and long-time partner Tim Robbins, who had finished shooting Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, had just purchased a Chelsea loft at 147 West 15th Street, near Seventh Avenue. As the couple moved up in the world, they moved up in the building, eventually owning the entire eighth floor and the northern half of the seventh.

2011 has been an O.K. year for Ms. Sarandon. She’s still talking about her year-and-a-half-old split from Mr. Robbins, but at least she can do it from their huge loft.

(Property Shark)

According to city records, Ms. Sarandon paid Mr. Robbins $3.2 million for their duplex co-op. Two years ago, a full-floor spread on the second floor sold for $5 million in the doldrums of the recession, so this is a steal on par with Emma Thompson robbing Ms. Sarandon of the Best Actress Oscar in 1992.

Details on the home are scant, but if the second-floor unit is an “industrial strength 4765 square foot” home, as its listing claimed, that gives Ms. Sarandon a bachelorette pad pushing 7,000 square feet. Plenty of room for a ping pong table or two. Not that she would need to. Her beloved SPIN is just a few blocks away.

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