Tao Lin’s Publisher Ignores The Stranger, Emails Us Instead

Dennis Johnson, Melville House publisher.

We were looking forward to Part Two of Christopher Frizzelle’s “Confronting Tao Lin’s Publisher, Part One” column in the Seattle Stranger. In an email to us Mr. Lin has already more or less denied, or at least hedged, Mr. Frizzelle’s assertion that Dennis Johnson, the publisher of Melville House, did not support him.

Last week, Mr. Frizzelle wrote, “Why would you publish a work and then spend your energy undermining the writer’s confidence in the worthiness of that very work, so much so that you end up not speaking to each other?” This week, instead of Part Two, Mr. Frizzelle only writes, “Still haven’t heard back from you, Dennis Johnson.”

Here’s what Mr. Johnson wrote to us:

The only statement that I have to make about Tao Lin’s book is that I published it, promoted it hard, and am proud to have done so. Beyond that, I never comment on my personal relationships with my authors, and I have no comment on Christopher Frizzelle’s column. It seems to me that if he wants to discuss the issues in Tao’s book, it would be more appropriate for him to speak with Tao.

Tao Lin’s Publisher Ignores The Stranger, Emails Us Instead