Tapad Apparently Has a Zillion Investors and No Employees

Mr. Traasdahl.

Do you like angel investors? Work at Tapad, the start-up with more investors to employees than we’ve ever seen!

New York City start-up Tapad just raised $1.8 million from what seems like an unnecessarily large number of investors: 17 parties total, a “Who’s Who of Successful Power Players,” according to the press release, from as far as Norway! It must have been crazy times and lots of cups of coffee for the entrepreneurs raising the round, pitching so many different people. So who is this marathoner who seduced Barry Silbert, Scott David Kidder, Mike Yavonditte and Lerer Ventures, among umpteen others?

Turns out it’s Are Traasdahl, former CEO of Thumbplay, who is listed on Tapad’s site as an investor via his fund, Spring Capital (“Start-ups founded by Mr. Traasdahl have generated more than $350 million in mobile and online revenue up from $0 when he started them”). He’s founder and president. The team doesn’t get any love on the company’s website either, which lists bios of 20 investors on its “company” page.

But LinkedIn reveals the company has at least five other actual employees, including CTO Dag Liodden and biz dev lead Andrew Slome (formerly of 24/7 RealMedia), both based in New York.

Tapad is a platform for mobile ad retargeting, in which mobile apps try to serve you ads based on what you’ve been browsing on your phone, the way Facebook follows your activity around the web even after you’ve left the site.

Tapad Apparently Has a Zillion Investors and No Employees