Tea Party Leader Warns Greg Ball on Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is one vote away in the State Senate from becoming the law of the land, and a lot of the attention has focused on Hudson Valley Senator Greg Ball as a potential flip to a “yes” from the near-united Republican bloc in opposition.

But if he does so, he may hear about it back home.

“I am kind of dissatisfied in some people, with some people, who say they [didn’t support gay marriage] and now they are changing it, a la Greg Ball,” said Bill Bongiorno, the head of the Tea Party Patriots of Northern Westchester. “We need people to do what they say they are going to do when they are running.”

Senator Ball may have more to lose than most if he defies Tea Party loyalists: he was elected in a squeaker of a Republican primary last fall and the local Republican establishment backed his opponent.

“We put him over the edge,” Mr. Bongiorno said.

Mr. Bongiorno added that Mr. Ball could count on a primary if he came down in favor of same-sex marriage.

“I would not be supporting him going forward if he goes back on what he said when he was campaigning,” Mr. Bongiorno said. “What does anybody stand for up there?”





  Tea Party Leader Warns Greg Ball on Same-Sex Marriage