The other Cryan

Assemblyman Joe Cryan is not the only Democrat from his family leading a charge.

Last week, the Hoboken Democratic Committee elected Jamie Cryan, the younger cousin of the fiery Trenton lawmaker, as their newest chairman.

Cryan takes control of a local party that is split between loyalists of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, whose candidates lost their majority control of the committee, and ‘Old Hoboken’ faithful, who are rallying around Assemblyman Ruben Ramos as a potential challenger to Zimmer in 2013.

Just as the reform movement lead by Zimmer was taking control of the city, former chairman Jeff Barnes made an unpopular decision to pass committee bylaws that prohibit the group from taking sides in local Dem-on-Dem races, like mayoral elections.

Zimmer and her reform crew were supportive of the change, but now are wondering whether Cryan, who is close to Ramos, will opt out of it and take sides in the mostly Democratic mile-square city.

For his part, Cryan is just trying to bring the vote for hometown higher-up U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez’s re-election campaign, first. He said he hasn’t even thought ahead to the 2013 local contest.

Serving as campaign manager, Cryan proved his bona fides to the local politicos when he brought home a majority-hinging 4th Ward special election for Councilman Tim Occhipinti last November. Occhipinti and the anti-Zimmer crew’s time as majority was short lived. One of Zimmer’s candidates won a 6th Ward seat from the opponents in May to regain control of the council. The other Cryan