Tweet Nearly Derails Rent Reg Extension

A deal to extend rent regulations in New York City was nearly derailed by a tweet.

According to Azi Paybarah in Albany, Capital Tonight’s Liz Benjamin asked Senator Kevin Parker a question about a possible deal with Governor Cuomo, and Parker said there was no deal with the governor, unaware that leadership had struck rent renewal deal.

Benjamin then tweeted Parker’s no deal comment. A Democratic spokesman tweeted to correct the record, but Senate Republicans — following the Capital Tonight tweet — thought there was no deal, and adjourned.

“I’ve never heard of making legislative decisions based on a Tweet,” said a Democratic source.

Governor Cuomo had threatened to call a special session to keep the legislature in Albany until a deal was passed, but as coup veteran Jimmy Vielkind pointed out, an extraordinary session requires different bills.

So the Senate Republicans hastily reconvened the existing session, and the extension passed — shortly after Parker declared himself “the most powerful person in the Twitterverse!

Skelos said Republicans will caucus again at 11 a.m. Monday. Tweet Nearly Derails Rent Reg Extension