Verizon Fully Recovered from iPhone Inferiority Complex, It Would Seem

Remember when AT&T and Apple had the cool kids table? The carrier had the exclusive on the iPhone for five years, casting aspersions on the other companies which apparently were not good enough for Steve. Verizon endured years of bleeding customers to AT&T, during which time Verizon made all kinds of concessions to customers. For example, I remember getting a call offering me an extra 100 free minutes every month if I renewed my contract for a year. The biggest concession was the unlimited data plan.

Publicly, Verizon did not handle the rivalry very gracefully. We’re thinking of the tonally-challenged ad campaign for Android phones that resembled trailers for a Michael Bay movie alongside an unbecoming campaign that took digs at AT&T’s network.

But after slinging iPhones for about six months now, the giant’s confidence is back. How can we tell? Price hikes!

The carrier finally announced tiered pricing for data plans today–and look at that, each level costs more than the corresponding plans at AT&T.

Verizon proposal:

2GB – $30/month
5GB – $50/month
10GB – $80/month

200MB – $15/month
2GB – $25/month
4GB – $45/month

Verizon’s also been careful to tax big data hogs with that top tier while skimming as much as it can from the users who use hardly any at all. The carrier is betting its general reputation for better service plus the cachet of the iPhone can seduce any new customer to the red side.

Verizon Fully Recovered from iPhone Inferiority Complex, It Would Seem