Well, Now We Know Why Paul Ceglia Is Selling The Website He Sued Mark Zuckerberg Over

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between Mr. Ceglia and Dan Primack's Twitter avatar?

Oh Ceglia, we hardly knew thee. Yesterday, Betabeat got an email from Streetfax.com, the website at the center of a legal dispute between Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Ceglia, the man suing for half of Facebook, telling us we were the “1st to hear” that the domain was up for sale.

As it turns out, the high-powered lawyers who filed the Facebook suit were also trying to unload no-longer-wanted property yesterday: Mr. Ceglia himself. DLA Piper confirmed their withdrawal from the case in federal court in Buffalo yesterday and the fact that the firm had dropped Mr. Ceglia as a client.

DLA Piper’s name lent an imprimatur to allegations that a 2003 contract he had with Mr. Zuckerberg to work on Streetfax.com entitled him to half of “The Facebook.” Business Insider’s Henry Blodget declared the evidence “breathtaking” and concluded that, “In short, to us at least, the emails don’t read ‘fake.'”

Mr. Ceglia has not yet turned over original copies of the contract or emails with Zuck to the court and Facebook maintains that it’s all a forgery from a “career scam artist.”

San Diego-based lawyer Jeffrey Lake, possibly the same Mr. Jeffrey Lake that the San Diego CityBeat called “the F. Lee Bailey of San Diego’s medical marijuana drama” has agreed to step in as Ceglia’s new counsel.

The Streetfax domain is being hawked as a chance to own “a piece of Internet history – history of a website, brand and possibly the largest court dispute in history!” It’s registered to eNOM Inc., a domain name reseller. But whether it’s Mr. Ceglia working through a proxy or not, they’re going to have to come up with a better sales pitch. There have been exactly zero bids for the $5,000 auction with eight days left to go, and the nostaglia value is depreciating. Fast.

Well, Now We Know Why Paul Ceglia Is Selling The Website He Sued Mark Zuckerberg Over