What Happens The Day After You Get Funded?

Post-funding grin?

If Betabeat just closed a $350,000 round of funding from folks like Dave McClure, Eric Ries and Esther Dyson, we’re pretty sure we’d spend the next day hungover trying to form our piles of cash into a Scrooge McDuck-like money pool.

Not so Tout founder Tawheed “TK” Kader, whose app attempts to solve the problem of repetitive email. “Its that magical moment right? Its what you’d been waiting for right? The press starts writing about you, the congratulations come flying in. You’ve made it. Right? Wrong.”

On his Tumblr, at 2am, TK sketched a rough outline of what the-day-after actually looks liked, including terribly glamorous tasks like answering 52 customer service emails, posting job listings, making sure your iPhone developer has his priorities straight, crossing your T’s on Apple’s enrollment process, and fretting over your backlog of work.

What’s the point? The point is that the day after you get funded is like any other day that you are running your business. Getting funded is not some magical event where all your worries go away. It is not some big party to pop the champagne over. Its the time where you buckle down even more so that you can make it rain.

The day after you get funded, you still have to deal with the real fundamentals of your business. You still have to build your actual business, and you have to actually plan and execute so that you can actually deliver all those things you promised your Investors when you took their money.

Somebody bring this man a 16-olive martini. It sounds he’ll be at the office for awhile. What Happens The Day After You Get Funded?