What Will Obama Tell the Gays Tonight?

The one thing the same-sex marriage debate in Albany has proven already is that the needle on this issue, for Democrats, has moved greatly in a short period of time. Where it was considered progressive to support same-sex marriage in 2006, is now something of a litmus test for mainstream Democrats.

And with confirmation that Obama will address the issue at an LGBT fund-raiser tonight, the test will be how far exactly the needle has shifted.

One gay activist in Albany today, Allen Roskoff, told me President Obama has only one option: endorse same-sex marriage.

“If he’s not for marriage, he should not be telling us he supports us,” Roskoff told me.

White House spokesman Jay Carney is lowering expectations, predicting Obama will restate his support for each state to handle this issue.

  What Will Obama Tell the Gays Tonight?