White House Weighs In On Weiner ‘Distraction’

The White House is leaving it to senior Democrats in the House to call for Anthony Weiner’s resignation.

On the way to North Carolina this morning, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took some questions aboard Air Force One, but stopped short of calling for Weiner to resign.

From the pool report (quotes are Carney’s):

Is his service in Congress in the nation’s best interest?

“The president feels, we feel at the White House, this is a distraction, as Congressman Weiner has said himself, his behavior was inappropriate, dishonesty was inappropriate. But the president is focused on his job which is getting this economy continuing to grow, creating jobs and ensuring the safety and security of the American people.”

Were top aides involved in the calls for resignation?

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Should he resign?

“I answered that question. We think it’s a distraction from the important business that this president needs to conduct and congress need to conduct. Beyond that I don’t have any comment.”

White House Weighs In On Weiner ‘Distraction’