Wisniewski says leadership deal is ‘good starting point’

As a public worker rally choked downtown Trenton, state Democratic Party Chairman John Wisniewski did not condemn a health benefits and pension deal reached last night by legislative leadership and the governor’s office, describing it as a solid beginning.

He did agree with part of an opposing statement issued last night by Democratic Party chairs from four counties (Passaic, Union, Bergen and Hudson) that health benefits and pension should not be in the same package, and in that regard, at least, disagreed that the deal is a final product.

“My position is they should be two separate bills,” said Wisniewski.  

“There are lots of negotiations on how to make these bills work,” he added. “The deal by leadership is a good starting point solution that can get a lot more support but requires continuing dialogue between parties. Respectfully, I don’t want to negotiate through Politicker. One of the difficulties here is there has been much more negotiated in the press than anywhere.”

A source told PolitickerNJ.com that the chairman is holding out for a last minute compromise with labor and fumed, “What compromise would the Democratic State chair want to make to allow collective bargaining to be eliminated?”

Wisniewski says leadership deal is ‘good starting point’