Yedin Confirms Interest In Weiner’s Seat

Brooklyn Democratic political operative Jonathan Yedin told The Politicker today that he is interested in running for Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat if the situation presented itself.

He quickly added however that no one from the Brooklyn or Queens Democratic parties has reached out to him about it and said that he has done nothing to pursue the nomination.

“I am flattered that my name is being mentioned but no one has reached out to me,” he said. “If they do I would consider running very seriously.”

Rumors of Yedin making a run for the seat have been swirling around for a couple of days now; much of the thinking around it was that he would be a placeholder to occupy for another year-and-a-half until the district is eliminated during redistricting. Yedin is just 27, but has a wealth of experience, as an aide to former Congressman Mike McMahon, Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasney, and Councilmember David Greenfield. He has also served as the executive director of the Kings County Democratic Party.

Queens County Democratic Party leader is thought to not want to put someone in the seat who would then run for re-election in an incumbent’s district if Weiner’s old 9th Congressional district gets eliminated.

Yedin dismissed questions though about being a “placeholder.”

“I am very interested in running for public office. I have a record of working with the elected officials and various communities throughout the district, and I grew up in the ninth district, I am a member of the local [political] club and the community board,” he said.











  Yedin Confirms Interest In Weiner’s Seat