Yo Etsy, It’s Your Birthday

It’s Etsy’s sixth birthday! “In June of 2005 while living alone in a wood shop and wanting some company, I came upon the idea of Etsy, and then the name, and then the design. I was twenty five years old with three cats,” Etsy’s red-haired founder Rob Kalin writes in his bio on the crafty marketplace. “Now, in 2011, I’m still living in Brooklyn, I’m 30 years old, and I have two cats.”

And Etsy, in 2011, is handling on the order of $400 million in sales in 150 countries and has more than nine million members, more than a billion page views per month. It’s constantly expanding its Dumbo offices and just rented new space in a Silicon Valley data center. And men use the site now.

Naturally, Etsy’s having a party tonight (’cause it’s their birthday). Yo Etsy, It’s Your Birthday