A Selective Guide to the Chelsea Art Walk

Jason Polan, “Living and Working,” at Nicholas Robinson Gallery

Tonight in West Chelsea, 125 galleries will stay open until 8 p.m. for the second annual Chelsea Art Walk. Unfortunately, many of the neighborhood’s blue-chip galleries will not be participating. (Arrive before 6 p.m. to catch them during normal business hours.) Nevertheless, The Observer sorted through the Walk’s busy schedule to find a few worthwhile events, listed below. (The full schedule is available here).

Ping-Pong at Nicholas Robinson Gallery
535 W. 20th St,
Artist Jason Polan has been working inside Nicholas Robinson Gallery during the run of his current show, meaning that the space looks different every day. Tonight it is likely to look very different: it will be filled with boxes of pizza and a Ping-Pong table. Gallery Manager Lee Smith told The Observer that Mr. Polan hopes to “change up the normal gallery experience where the viewer is removed from the artist.”

Pop-Up Bookstore at David Zwirner
525 W. 19th St. |
Stop by Zwirner for some quiet time after your Ping-Pong match for rare and out-of-print books, limited-edition prints, posters, and films by the gallery’s artists.

Buckminster Fuller Design and Buckminster Fuller Ice Cream at Muelsensteen Gallery
511 W. 22nd St. | www.meulensteen.com

The visionary inventory Buckminster Fuller, whose work is currently on view at the Muelensteen Gallery, has received a high honor from L.A. ice cream purveyor Coolhaus: his own ice cream. His namesake treat–a mix of chocolate-chip cookie dough and something called “dirty mint” –will be on sale from a truck parked outside the gallery.

Morgan Lehman Gallery
535 W. 22nd St., 6th Fl. |
Morgan Lehman is keeping things simple tonight, staying open late but adding no other novelties. On view are intricate watercolor drawings by Laura Ball and complex glass sculptures by Mia Pearlman.

Pap us at Porter Contemporary
548 W. 28th St. |
Finally, at the north end of the Chelsea art district, walkers will have the chance to make art. Jeff Ballinger, whose work is on show in the gallery’s group show, “A Portrait Apart” will photographing volunteers for his “Polaroid Portraits” project.

A Selective Guide to the Chelsea Art Walk