Alesi's Partial Campaign Ride [Updated]

Jim Alesi, a Republican State Senator. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Here’s a fun little detail I left out of my story about Jim Alesi, the first Republican State Senator to announce his support for same-sex marriage and whose re-election next year is far from certain.

In March of last year, Alesi spent $18,750 of his campaign cash at Valley Auto on something the campaign only described as “auto.”

When I contacted Alesi’s office, a spokesman emailed me this explanation:

The expenditure you asked about partially off-set the capital cost of an
automobile, which is partially used for political responsibilities.

When I asked for further clarification, none was provided.

Update: Alesi’s previously explained it to Jimmy Vielkind: the campaign money paid about 35% of the $50,000 cost of the car. “I’ve always driven a Cadillac,” he said. Alesi's Partial Campaign Ride [Updated]