Another Midtown Restaurant, Hudson Eatery, Now Accepts Bitcoin

BTC sign at Meze Grill in Hell's Kitchen.

Meze Grill, a tasty Mediterranean lunch spot on 8th Ave. and 55th St. in Midtown, was the first Manhattan restaurant to blaze the Bitcoin trail; since then, others have followed suit. The latest is Hudson Eatery, at 601 W. 57th. Beware, their website autoplays trance music.

The reason there are two restaurants accepting Bitcoin so close together is The Bitcoin Show host and general Bitcoin evangelist Bruce Wager, who also sells Bitcoin himself, no fee.

Yesterday, Betabeat potentially flushed $89.04 down the toilet by purchasing 6 Bitcoins at Meze Grill, which has started selling them alongside salads and smoothies:

  • One was for this reporter
  • One for Nitasha Tiku
  • One for Ben Popper, who wanted more but “needs to stay liquid” in the event of a cyberattack inspired by his recent article on the term “hacking”
  • One for The New York Observer editor Aaron Gell. (“What is it again?”)
  • Two for my little brother.

We asked the cashier if they were getting a lot of Bitcoin action. “Yeah!” he said. “There were like 14 people today.”  He pointed at the “We accept Bitcoin” sign and QR code and noted that it was covering up the display copies of the book Clean Plates. Another Midtown Restaurant, Hudson Eatery, Now Accepts Bitcoin