AP: Edwards to Repay $2.3 M.

John Edward’s legal troubles cost him a shot at opening a public-interest law office in New York City, where he might have begun rehabilitating his public image with some pro-bono work.

The scrutiny on his campaign filings may now cost him $2.3 million, according to the FEC, which ruled today that the former North Carolina senator has to repay a portion of the matching funds they gave to his 2008 presidential campaign.

“Federal auditors said the campaign understated its cash and overstated its expenses. Edwards’ attorneys said the Democrat’s campaign doesn’t owe anything,” the AP reported.

In addition to his sterling record in the court room, Edward’s personal finances made him an appealing business partner. Edwards “has perfect credit. He has no debt. He bought his house for cash,” attorney Arthur Schwartz, who considered opening an office with Edwards, told me. AP: Edwards to Repay $2.3 M.