Back In the Day When Zuck Was a Teenager

Before he had status (he probably never had a pager).

Okay fine, Mark Zuckberg was already an aging 21-year-old when this 2005 video, unearthed last night on Anthony De Rosa’s Tumblr, was filmed. But it’s still far back enough that the budding mogul was calling his social network ‘The Facebook.’ And apparently before he discovered the professionalizing power of a hoodie and jeans.

Over Solo cups of beer from the office keg (the site was still limited to college students back then, after all), Mr. Zuckerberg talks to Derek Franzese about The Facebook’s early popularity on campuses. Don’t miss a gentleman who looks not unlike Dustin Moskovitz attempting a keg stand in the background.

But here’s the money quote. When Mr. Franzese asks Mr. Zuckerberg about expanding into more colleges, his response is likely to make modern-day Zuck cringe.

There doesn’t necessarily have to be more. Like, a lot of people are focused on taking over the world. They’re doing the biggest thing or getting the most users and I think part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely.

Aww. Taking over the world sounds so unseemly when you’re not the one doing it, huh?

Back In the Day When Zuck Was a Teenager