Behold Qream, Pharrell's Low-Cal Vanilla Liqueur For the Ladies

Qream, get the money.

Hey, ladies who love flavored liqueurs — good news! Pharrell Williams announced that he’s releasing a vanilla-flavored spirit called Qream, and launched the female-friendly beverage at a giant Beverly Hills party last weekend. He doesn’t explain the creative spelling, but he does give a bit of insight into why, as of late, he’s focusing on making bottles for the club instead of bangers for the club. Sigh. Day jobs, don’t leave them!

Rap-Up TV has brought us the scintillating details behind Qream. Pharrell, he’s a markets guy. He knows what’s missing from the spread.

“I looked at the market, I looked at the holes out there and it felt like ‘indulgence’ and ‘women’ were the two things that were being neglected,” he said. “When you pour a glass of cream, it’s significantly less calories. It’s a thinner consistency, so a woman doesnt feel like she’s gained ten pounds just by thinking about drinking it.”

Pharrell then describes the delectibilty of the stuff.

“It’s definitely in the ice cream world, in the shake world.”

Perfect for summer! And it’s 95 percent lactose free. So if you’re a woman who feels shunned by a market that’s ignored “indulgence,” this drink is for you. Lactose intolerant women who indulge, you have no excuse.

Behold Qream, Pharrell's Low-Cal Vanilla Liqueur For the Ladies