Bipolar Real Estate Party Vindicates Our Theory

Last week, The Observer reported that the real estate party had returned! Sort of! We may not have Seal and John Legend at dueling developments, but at least we have Jed Walentas and, um, Matchbox 20 injecting some joy back into the business. Otherwise, it’s a mixed gift bag of fried chicken and haute cocktails. For those struggling to choose between brows high and low, consider CORE’s upcoming party at 303 Mercer.

As the accompanying email explains, “Penthouse 608 , the epitome of sophistication meets downtown chic, and will feature champagne and hors d’oeuvres while Penthouse 605, a more contemporary, urban concept, will feature beer and barbeque.”

Which would you choose? Maybe they could save everyone the tough choice and serve Miller High Life at both. Bipolar Real Estate Party Vindicates Our Theory