Bloomberg: Cuomo Will Hail Taxi Bill [Updated]

Mayor Bloomberg said he expects Governor Cuomo to sign the mayor’s taxi plan that would allow livery cabs to make street hails, something only permitted now by yellow taxis, who primarily service Manhattan.

“I believe the governor will look at this and sign it,” Bloomberg said, on his weekly radio show this morning. “I’ve had conversations with him. I’m not worried about that.”

The mayor went on to say, “This would for the first time give 80 percent of the people of the city access to taxi service. How can anybody be against this?”

The State Assembly has to make some technical changes to their version of the bill before it can be sent to the governor. It already passed the State Senate in the waning days of the session. The State Senate has to pass a chapter amendment to the bill, also.

UPDATE: An opponent of the plan, David Pollack, Executive Director of the Committee for Taxi Safety, is putting a focus on Bloomberg’s major donations this year to state lawmakers, and said “We hope that once Governor Cuomo sees what bad a backroom deal Mayor Bloomberg made, a fair compromise can be reached.”

Bloomberg: Cuomo Will Hail Taxi Bill [Updated]