Bloomberg Weighs In On Growing Rupert Murdoch Scandal

Asked today about the growing scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, Mayor Michael Bloomberg downplayed his relationship with the press baron.

“I have worked with Rupert Murdoch on mainly one project and that is promoting changes to  the immigration laws in our country,” he said.  “He is an immigrant to this country, understands that we need more immigrants if we are ever going to grow our way out of the economic malaise we are in.”

The two were last seen sitting shoulder-to-shoulder at a Congressional hearing calling for a reform of the nation’s immigration laws. And, as Joyce Purnick details in her biography of the mayor, Bloomberg met with Murdoch over dinner a number of times as he was deciding to overturn the city’s term limit law.

“I can just tell you every time I have worked with the guy he has been as cooperative and as helpful as he can possibly be,” the mayor said today.

Pressure has been mounting in the U.S. on Murdoch after it was revealed yesterday that reporters at his News of the World tried to hack into the phones of the families of victims of 9/11. Earlier today, a key member of the House Oversight committee called on Congress to look into allegations that the company broke anti-bribery laws, while yesterday Long Island Congressman Peter King asked that the F.B.I. get involved.

Bloomberg pointed out however that he has been a frequent target of the News Corp’s outlets, which in New York include The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal.

“In terms of my relationshops with News Corp. news operation, you know, I get as criticized by some parts of his organization as lauded by it and every day it’s a different story.”


Bloomberg Weighs In On Growing Rupert Murdoch Scandal