Bob Turner: I Would Vote 'No' on Ryan Plan

Yesterday we wrote about how Democrats continue to hammer Bob Turner over the budget proposed earlier this year by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan which would slash entitlements and tax rates.

Turner had been non-committal on where he stood, and Democrats, eager to turn attention in the race away from President Obama’s policy towards Israel, had demanded answers.

Well, yesterday we put the question to Turner’s spokesman, E. O’Brien Murray, who responded:

Paul Ryan’s plan is a starting point for negotiations. The fact is, we need to begin somewhere.  No one wants to cut anything, yet everyone agrees that we can’t keep borrowing 40 cents on the dollar. David Weprin knows about borrowing and overspending, of course; he is an Albany politician.

Asked point-blank then if this meant that Turner would have voted no on the Ryan budget, Murray responded, “Correct. Bob Turner would have voted against the Ryan Plan.”

Bob Turner: I Would Vote 'No' on Ryan Plan