Brilliant temporary tattoos for quick-witted kids (and grown-ups)

Tina Roth Eisenberg’s blog, swissmiss, is one of the best design sites we’ve seen. Now the Swiss-born webmistress has an excellent online shop. It’s called Tattly, and it sells temporary tattoos that are so charming you’d actually want to wear them to the beach.

According to the ad copy, Eisenberg started Tattly “after applying many bad-clip-art tattoos on her daughter.” But the images you’ll find on her page work just as well for grown-ups: They’re sly (like the cursor icons you can tattoo, in lieu of a tear, just below your eye), subtle (like RISD graduate Julia Rothman’s hand-drawn robots and cameras), and understated in ways that genuine tattoos seldom are. Five dollars gets you two of any given design—there are 15 in all—and shipping’s included in the purchase price.

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