Broker Buys Big on Park Ave.: $2.49 M.

Remember that TV show, Dr. Katz?

“I have no comment on that,” was Joanne Wenig’s response when we asked her if she had purchased a new home. Stribling  senior vice president—or someone with her first and last names, and middle initial—just bought a 1,500-square-foot Park Avenue pad for $2.49 million.

We can’t imagine why Ms. Wenig would be shy. The apartment at 1065 Park was originally listed for $2.65 million. What a bargain! That said, the co-op at 1065 Park doesn’t come cheap. Ms. Wenig will pay approximately $1,766 per square foot for her new place.

The apartment has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Polished wood floors run throughout, including in a mammoth sitting/dining room. We wish we could report the precise dimensions of the abode but, alas, the free-form floor plan [see image above] was either the result of a missing straight edge or a poor allusion to the Bilbao. The previous owners, a Peter Marcus Brown and his wife Jill Ellen Brown, bought the apartment in 2007 for $1.7 million.

Ms. Wenig is no stranger to the Park Avenue co-op scene. She has worked extensively at neighboring 1172 Park Avenue, and is currently selling a pre-war duplex at 829 Park.

Perhaps Ms. Wenig liked her clients so much she decided to make them neighbors. Or perhaps she procured the property, which has sweeping views of the city in every room, so she can keep an ever vigilant eye on her real-estate domain, even off the clock.

Broker Buys Big on Park Ave.: $2.49 M.