Brooklyn Art by Way of Nashville, Courtesy of ZieherSmith

Caroline Allison's image of Cumberland Caverns included in the show

In a bit of geographic cross-pollination, Chelsea’s ZieherSmith Gallery will be bringing Brooklyn artists to Nashville for a pop-up group show this August. The exhibition, called BNA: Brooklyn to Nashville (the invitation looks like a plane ticket), will include work by artists Jess Fuller, Kate Gilmore, Liz Markus, Sam Moyer, Sara VanDerBeek and others. Of all the uncharted cities that galleries have planted a flag in for summer shows—Bridgehampton, Callicoon, etc.—Nashville seems to be the most left field. It conjures more images of rhinestone suits than it does splattered canvases. Part of the impetus for the show is that Andrea Zieher’s family is from Nashville, but that’s not all of it.

“There’s some interesting culture going on there,” Scott Zieher told The Observer, “But there are not many galleries and there is very little contemporary art. We thought it would be a good challenge. If we come away with one good connection, we’d feel successful.”

The show will be in a space called the Gulch, an empty storefront that’s about 1500 square feet. Mr. Zieher says it “would make a handsome gallery anywhere.”

As for the art, works will include a photography by Sarah VanDerBeek and Caroline Allison, a sculpture by Rachel Owens and Andy Coolquitt and a video by Kate Gilmore. Liz Markus designed the goodie bags for the August 6th opening.

ZieherSmith will be a long way from the New York art world, but Nashville has benefits beyond The Grand Ole Oprey and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop (which we could not recommend to you more).

“We got the space at a very cheap rate,” Mr. Zieher said. “By Chelsea standards, almost free.”

BNA: From Brooklyn to Nashville
An exhibition of emerging Brooklyn artists.

ZieherSmith Pop-up Gallery
ICON in the Gulch
1112 Division Street
Nashville, TN 37203

August 6-27 Only
Opening Party/Art Crawl: August 6th
From 6 PM to 9 PM

Brooklyn Art by Way of Nashville, Courtesy of ZieherSmith