Cardinale says if his opponent believes cities deserve Abbott aid, she should move there

State Sen. Gerald Cardinale’s (R-39) general election opponent attacked the veteran Republican incumbent today in the aftermath of Cardinale’s resistance to the Senate Democrats’ attempt last week to enact overrides of Gov. Chris Christie’s line items. 

“When he opposes funding for NJ After 3, Senator Cardinale shows an unacceptable level of insensitivity to the children of working families who depend on this program to provide a safe place to stay until their parents return from work,” said Lorraine Waldes, a Democrat and the school board president in River Vale. “All of New Jersey’s children are our children. The Senator crosses from the insensitive into the incomprehensible when he states on the floor of the Senate that Planned Parenthood supports child prostitution.  I call on him to be more responsible in both his actions and his words.”

Cardinale hit back hard.

“If she was paying attention to what I said she would understand that I don’t object to the program, I object to people being employed in the program through the political system,” Cardinale told “My point is if it’s a valid program, (urban taxpayers) should pay for it yourselves. Some of these Abbott School districts are allowed to spend $30,000 per child of other people’s money. If these are good programs they should pay for them.

“If she thinks they deserve it, she ought to move there,” the senator added. “In the Borough of River Vale she doesn’t get Abbott money, so her taxpayers have to pay for the whole darn thing.”

The senator likewise doubled down on his objections to Planned Parenthood.

“They have made no secret of the fact that they do not report pregnancies in young girls as young as 12-13,” Cardinale said. “That’s statutory rape. They should be reporting that and they are not reporting that. To some degree that supports not only prostitution but criminality.

“If she wants to support rape let her, but call it what it what is,” the senator added. 

Cardinale says if his opponent believes cities deserve Abbott aid, she should move there