Carla Bruni, Dame De France, Is Avec Bebe

Pregnant Carla Bruni (Photo from WENN)

It’ll be a petit bebe for French First Lady Carla Bruni.  Amid months of speculation, Ms. Bruni unambiguously  alluded to her pregnancy in an interview with French newspaper Nice Matin.

The interview was about Ms. Bruni’s recent meeting with the wives of French Marines stationed in Libya.  Nice Matin asked Ms. Bruni whether or not it is important for President Sarkozy to demonstrate bravery. “My husband is neither a soldier nor a Marine, but as the chief of the French army he is involved when he makes decisions” she said. “Moreover, there are the soldiers on the ground.”

Without warning or prodding from the interviewer, Ms. Bruni’s response took a dramatic turn. “Beyond all these issues, a happy event will soon be announced that is getting harder and harder to hide.”

With the door wide open, the interviewer stepped right in, asking Ms. Bruni why the first couple was so secretive about the news. “Primarily it was to protect me, not to flaunt my private life.”

When asked about rumors that she will have a boy (a petit Nicolas, perhaps?) Ms. Bruni claims that even she is unaware of the baby’s sex. “There are some things that should remain a secret,” she added.

So there you have it. The Midnight in Paris actress is officially with child. The French have suspected as much for months, however. President Sarkozy’s father Pal Sarkozy announced the pregnancy on May 17th.  Ms. Bruni’s revelation didn’t even make headline news today.

The real story, therefore, isn’t that President Sarkozy will soon be a proud Papa (for the third time), but why Ms. Bruni decided to confirm her pregnancy in an interview about french soldiers in Libya. Perhaps she was overcome by the Bastille Day spirit.  Or, more likely, perhaps she was just too grosse to avoid the subject any longer.

For the Francophiles among you, here is the link to the original interview with Nice Matin. For the rest, the Huffington Post provides a handy but limited translation of the highlights.

Carla Bruni, Dame De France, Is Avec Bebe