Cassie Tries Desperately to 'Make You A Believer'


A few weeks ago The Observer was smoking out on W. 44th street when Cassie, the singer, walked out of our building in a slit-up tank top and that striking half-mohawk. This wasn’t much of a surprise. Daddy’s House recording studio in located just a floor below The Observer. And before that, the space was home to the Record Plant, where There’s a Riot Goin’ On was recorded. And just last month, we took a break from work to hang with Ja Rule, who had stopped by. It’s a happening place.

Cassie, too, was recording that day. She stood around as a man lit her Capri, a cigarette as skinny as a toothpick. We looked at her a few times and then “Me & U” was stuck in our head. Still is, actually.

It was out of sight, out of mind, though, until we received this email in our inbox. Subject line: “CASSIE TRAILER VIDEO! Will ‘Make You A Believer'”

Attention BLOGS! Post this! EXCLUSIVE!: CASSIE TRAILER VIDEO! Will “Make You A Believer”.

Not ones to disobey such a request, we’re now directing your attention to the video. The film is a bit slight at one minute and 28 seconds, but “Make You A Believer” sounds like a perfectly nice song and she wears some very summery outfits. And there she is, helping herself to another Capri. We’ve never understood the appeal of thin cigarettes, but maybe Cassie will make us a believer.

Cassie Tries Desperately to 'Make You A Believer'