Charlie Gasparino Has Words For Smack Talkin’ Lloyd Blankfein, And They Will Not Go Unheard

Nonshocker: Charlie Gasparino has seized an opportunity to address the matter of  smack talked on his now-sullied good name by G-Unit affiliate Lloyd Blankfein. Doesn’t he know today isn’t about him?

Apparently not. Mr. Gasparino is clearly peeved about not having the last (published) word after Mr. Blankfein regarded him unkindly in a profile of the Goldman Sachs CEO, run this week in New York Magazine. Mr. Gasparino makes two appearances. On the matter of the firm’s shadowy mystique:

The Goldman Way, as it has become known, was set when the firm was private, but it continued to pay dividends even after the company went public in 1999. “Journalists literally kissed their asses to get a callback,” says Charlie Gasparino, now a Fox Business Network host. If that wasn’t affection enough, they also showered the firm with positive news coverage.

And then:

Blankfein’s friends and colleagues say that he’s held up remarkably well under the scrutiny, and cite his very presence at work every day as evidence. But it’s easy to believe, as Charlie Gasparino reported this spring, that he’s “tired of running the company.”

To which Mr. Blankfein noted:

“I’m tired of Gasparino,” Blankfein shoots back. “I wish he would quit.”

Not exactly the 2,000 Year-Old Man-level routine Mr. Blankfein currently aspires to, but serviceable no less. Obviously, Mr. Gasparino—ever the talker, as evidenced by his day job—had something to say, and as he gripes, it didn’t make it in the piece:

Of course, he wouldn’t let the world go without hearing his presumably not-dopey remark, so:

And there you have it: Charlie Gasparino will outlive Lloyd Blankfein, or so he says. Also, 47 adds up to “young guy” at Fox and saying something was cut for space is clearly a very nice and workable euphemism for “you got far more ink in this thing than you deserve as is, and your whining about it makes your comparative station in this universe all the more evident.” Or something along those lines. |@weareyourfek

Charlie Gasparino Has Words For Smack Talkin’ Lloyd Blankfein, And They Will Not Go Unheard