Check Out Forrst’s Pimp Podcasting Studio

Mike Evans, podcast mogul.

Have you heard the excellent, occasionally dirty Forrst podcast about the developer community, design and technology, broadcast four times a week? You should. The start-up has cranked out more than 100 of them, and Forrst’s Detroit-based moderator Mike Evans is the production guru behind it all. “Go my route and you start thinking you’re CNN junior,” he wrote in an email.

Today Mr. Evans posted a walkthrough tour of the studio he’s been building for more than six months:

Epic Podcasting Forrst Style from magic6435 on Vimeo.

But the studio is too pimp not to share: Mr. Evans plans to rent and/or lend the space to local groups in the Detroit creative scene.

“As of now I’m looking to get the word out because I want to offer the space to the Detroit art/tech/DIY scene to start producing local shows. In the next few weeks after I obtain a few more pieces of equipment I plan to do to total walkthrough of the setup explaining each piece of hardware and how it all works,” he said.

UPDATE: Mr. Evans clarifies in a comment below: “Not really looking to rent as much as bring people in and collaborate on shows. There are tons of topics we are interested in that we are not experts on such as urban farming, DIY building, Science/Green topics, urban art etc. We want to build a network to represent these types of view points.”

Check Out Forrst’s Pimp Podcasting Studio