Christie: President ‘speaking in platitudes’ on debt standoff; no plan

NEWARK – Asked by Michael Aron, back on the beat, whether he would preach his brand of bipartisan compromise to House Republicans, Gov. Chris Christie said he would not limit his advice just to the GOP.

“Washington is the greatest example of the wrong way to do this,” Christie said. “We have to stop yelling and screaming at each other.”

As he was announcing a half-billion dollar private investment at Port Newark, Christie said his work as governor has been to secure a better future for his kids and grandkids, “that America will still be the greatest economic power in the world.”

“We have shown Washington and the rest of the country,” he said. “We put in the forefront the fact that we were elected to do a job.”

He told the Port Authority officials, business representatives, and laborers in the crowd, “You are helping me lead this state into a great comeback (in terms of its) economy.”

Christie didn’t shy away from the criticism of the Washington, D.C., standoff, but zoned in on President Barack Obama when he could.

“The president, who still hasn’t put a plan in writing,” Christie said, has only “spoken in platitudes about this, thrown numbers out there, but we haven’t seen a plan in writing from the president…There is no substitute for executive leadership.”

Christie said his passage of pension and health benefits reform through a Democratic legislature was analogous to the Washington debt debate: “entitlement programs that are leading to long-term debt and deficit in government.”

Asked about his Year of Education, and the resistance to some of its initiatives by state Sen. President Steve Sweeney, (D-3), of West Deptford, the governor said, “Other than the theatre they’re engaged in, in having hearings on my budget cuts, I don’t think they have any serious work between now and the election.”

Christie said that in New Jersey he laid out the plan before the debate began. “We’re making our choices and our priorities known,” which he said is “in contrast to what the president does.”

Christie: President ‘speaking in platitudes’ on debt standoff; no plan