Christie released from Somerset Medical Center

SOMERVILLE – The big emergency room door opened and deposited Gov. Chris Christie on the pavement in front of reporters where he took questions moments before he climbed into a black SUV and peeled away from Somerset Medical Center following an all-day stay.

Christie was here for eight hours.

The hospital staff administered tests and treatment to relieve the governor’s asthma-like symptoms, to the satisfaction of Christie and the medical staff here, who finally cut him loose at 6:30 p.m. 

“They ran a whole lot of tests on me, took a whole lot of blood and it came back normal,” said Christie, who checked in this morning after his emergency inhaler failed to relieve his symptoms.

Light-headedness. Shortness of breath. A tightness. Struggling harder and harder to get air into the lungs.

“I was betwixt and between about whether to come or not, but it was a different feeling,” said the governor, who last visited an ER for asthma when he was in law school, he said.

Christie received a call from state Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3).

“I’ll be back to work tomorrow,” said the governor. “I feel fine now.”

The weight made people talk while he was in the hospital, and he addressed it.

“The weight exacerbates everything,” Christie said. “I’ve been candid about  (the weight) from the start of my career. I’ve been losing weight. I’m not going to lose the weight overnight. I’m sure my asthma doctors told me the lighter I am the healthier I’ll be. I feel a decent sense of urgency given the stress level of my job, I’ve got to work on it.”

Christie said that following his scheduled press conference tomorrow he had planned to call Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-18) to wish her a happy birthday.

When he saw Buono’s tweet wishing him a speedy recovery, Christie responded from the hospital on his own twitter account.

“I thought, ‘good, two birds with one stone,’” he said.

He didn’t work a lot in the hospital room. Two conversations with Chief of Staff Rich Bagger. Lt. Governor. Sweeney. Counsel Jeff Chiesa.

His phone battery ran out at 4 p.m.

The Mets game proved more trying.

“As usual, they almost sent me over the edge,” he said of the Amazins’.

Christie released from Somerset Medical Center