Collars tighten with Leg. Office budget cuts

Legislative staffers on both sides of the aisle are shifty right now, as leadership weighs their response to an over 50-percent slice of staff budget in the Senate, as well as significant cuts in the Assembly.

Republicans are calling out state Sen. President Steve Sweeney (D-3) for threatening to throw the lion’s share of the rollback to the minority office, where Democratic sources say the Governor’s staff and departments keep the opposition informed and prepared enough.

Technically, Democratic leadership in both chambers controls staffing, which is rarely politicized, or at least politicized equally.

This jab by Christie has future implications, too, since Dems would hope to restore the funding, but will be hit with the charge that they are doubling staff and salaries at a time when the state can least afford it. They can see how the town hall would play out already, sure to be memorialized on YouTube.

In the meantime, the young staffers are getting their resumes ready. One Dem joked: “Guess, we did too good a job on the budget.”

Collars tighten with Leg. Office budget cuts