Cuomo's Q & A with Reporters [Video]

Here’s the video, and some highlights, from Governor Cuomo’s question-and-answer session with reporters at the Javits Center today.

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[0:30] Cuomo didn’t rule out supporting higher taxes on the federal level, noting it’s different than taxation on the state level. “They have a different situation than the state has,” he said.

[1:20] Cuomo didn’t say whether he supported, or opposed, Bloomberg’s bill to expand taxi service in NYC. “I don’t have the bill yet.”

[2:39] On debt negotiations in Washington, Cuomo said lawmakers need to make a deal that provides “confidence to the markets.”

[3:43] Responding to news that an upstate town clerk is resigning, rather than sign same-sex marriage certificates, the governor said, “If you can’t enforce the law, then you shouldn’t be in that position.”

[4:10] I asked about a Times article that said he renegged on a  campaign promise to disclose his daily meetings with legislators and lobbyists. “I think I disclose on a daily basis, where I am.”

[4:35] “I’ll be helpful if I can,” Cuomo said, of NY-9 congressional candidate David Weprin. He also didn’t agree with Ed Koch’s call to vote Republican in NY-9 to send a signal to Obama on Israel.

[5:05] Cuomo said the state could meet its F-SHRP requirements, and expressed confidence in his new Medicaid Inspector General.

[6:20] “We had a very heated debate in Albany before the law was passed,” Cuomo said, when discussing planned protest on July 24, the day same-sex marriage becomes legal in NY. He said he understands the protesters religious objections, but this law is about civil marriage.

Cuomo's Q & A with Reporters [Video]