Dems Robocall Against G.O.P. Lawmakers Over Debt

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced over the weekend that they are planning a robocall in several dozen Republican-held districts  over the G.O.P.’s apparent unwillingness to raise the debt ceiling.

A half-dozen New York representatives are targeted in the robo-calls, including two in the New York City area: Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm and Nan Hayworth of the Hudson Valley.

The DCCC says that the robo-calls are intended to “highlight that Republications are prioritizing tax breaks for Big Oil companies and billionaires instead of what is good for middle income Americans.  President Obama won 83 percent of these targeted Republican districts in 2008.”

President Obama lost Michael Grimm’s district by two percentage points, and won in Hayworth’s by 3. Local Democrats in each district however say that they are not sure how winnable those seats are viewed by D.C. Democrats, and no serious candidate in either has yet emerged.

Text of the phone call below, and audio can be found here.

“Hi, this is Travis calling on behalf of the DCCC.  Congressman Tom Latham and Speaker Boehner would rather our economy default just to protect tax breaks for Big Oil companies and billionaire jet-owners.  Republicans quit negotiating with President Obama on raising the debt ceiling.

“This is serious.  Latham’s billionaire buddies will be ok.  But we will pay the price if government can’t pay its bills.  Our Social Security and Medicare benefits are at risk.  Interest rates would spike for our credit cards, car loans, and mortgages.  Our 401(k) retirement accounts would drop.  And, gas and food prices would skyrocket.

“Enough is enough.  Call Congressman Tom Latham at (641) 357-5225 and tell him not to gamble our future to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and billionaires.

“Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (202) 741-1350. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

Dems Robocall Against G.O.P. Lawmakers Over Debt