Finishing a Record Year, AppSense Eyes a Move Beyond the Enterprise

There is an iPad buried in here somewhere

The last five months were supposed to be a period of investment for New York based AppSense, which raised a whopping $70 million from Goldman Sachs in June. “We thought with all the hiring and outlay, our financials would take a breather, but that wasn’t the case,” said Peter Rawlinson, the company’s VP of Marketing. Despite growing the staff by 60% over the last year, the company saw its business jump 54% as well, to $71 million.

The company provides virtualization services that establishes a unique user log-in for different devices. So a staffer who works on a PC at the office can sign into their PC at home and  see the same applications, documents and level of corporate security. That same virtual desktop can travel with them on a Windows laptop and be accessed from any terminal around the world connected to the company’s network.

The migration to Windows 7 drove a lot of AppSense business in the past year. But the company also used its Goldman investment to open a new research center in Santa Clara. “Right now the big trend is the consumerization of IT,” says Mr. Rawlinson. “At first it was only major execs who wanted their smartphones and iPads to be added. But now, especially with the explosive growth of the iPad, a lot of companies are realizing the employees are demanding their own devices at work, and that it can be productive to incorporate them,”

AppSense next move will be to expand its platform to Android and iOS so that mobile devices beyond the Windows 7 spectrum can be part of it virtualization. An employee could have their office PC, their Mac at home, their Android phone and their iPad, all part of the same synched, secure cloud personality. If that proves to be a success, a slightly dumbed down version for the average consumer could be next. Finishing a Record Year, AppSense Eyes a Move Beyond the Enterprise