First Round, Venrock Invest $10 Million in Smartling to Make the Web Multilingual

Funding makes Mr. Welde happy.

Smartling CEO Jack Welde just closed a $10 million Series B round from existing investors (U.S. Venture Partners, Venrock and First Round Capital) as well as a new face: IDG Ventures.Venrock’s David Pakman is already on the company’s board, now joined by Steve Krausz from USVP. Clients like Foursquare, IMVU, Scribd, and SurveyMonkey use Smartling’s cloud-based platform to create and maintain multilingual versions of their websites and mobile apps. The platform allows for combing different translation methods such as crowdsourced, professional, or machine learning.

“The Web is, by definition, worldwide, so every site and app should be multilingual. With this funding, we’ll continue to optimize our elegant, easy-to-use solution for this historically complex and costly technology process,” Mr. Welde said in a press release. But there’s a more practical, monetizable motivation than just democratizing the web for the good of the global internet. According to the release:

“Every online business, regardless of size, wants to increase its “Y” variables over time: web traffic, users, donors, sales, profit. With more than 70 percent of Internet users – or 1.4 billion people – claiming a language other than English as their preferred and primary language, there is a massive opportunity to increase “Y” with these new audiences.”

Or as Smartling’s website says: “Translate your website. Double your market.” Now, to a more pressing translation issue: Who can help us translate this article from The Marker from Hebrew to English? Based on the photos of tall buildings and Michael Bloomberg, we think it’s about the New York’s tech scene. But we can’t say for sure. First Round, Venrock Invest $10 Million in Smartling to Make the Web Multilingual