Fore! Art World Plays Golf For Charity

Ah, the art world. White cube galleries, all black outfits, white wine openings…golf.

That’s right, dear reader, golf. If you think there’s nothing like hitting the links after a long day in the gallery district, the Baer Faxt Golf Invitational is right up your fairway! The invitational happens September 26 at Manhattan Woods Golf Club in West Nyack. Entry per player is $500 and proceeds go to the Andrew Glover Youth Program, which helps at-risk youths from the Lower East Side and East Harlem. Josh Baer, known to art world insiders for his long-running email newsletter The Baer Faxt, is the event’s organizer, and the Chairman of the charity. This is the second year of the invitational, which made about $40,000 last year. Mr. Baer said he’s hoping to make between $75,000 and $100,000 this year (roughly the annual salary for one or two youth workers). The Observer called up Mr. Baer asked him if he thought golf and art were as incongruous as they seem on paper.

“I’m in the art world and I play golf,” he said. “There will be close to 80 or 100 people playing.”

The event’s “golf committee” includes art world heavyweights like Mr. Baer, Thomas Danziger, Alex Acquavella and John McEnroe (“he’s a better tennis player,” said Mr. Baer of the athlete-turned-art collector’s golf skills; let’s hope Mr. McEnroe’s famous fiery temper on the tennis court is quelled a bit by the serene pleasures of the golf course. Those clubs could do some damage). The Observer’s own Adam Lindemann is on the committee as well.

So, Mr. Baer, who are the best art world golfers?

“I think the Acquavellas are very good,” Mr. Baer said. “There’s about a dozen people with a single digit handicap playing in the tournament usually.”

Maybe they can teach The Observer a thing or two. Fore! Art World Plays Golf For Charity