Gianaris Touts 'Record-Breaking' Senate Fundraising Totals: 'Democrats Are Coming Back'

Queens State Senator Mike Gianaris, the head of the campaign arm of the State Senate Democrats, sent out a release this morning touting a record-breaking fundraising haul for this period.

The DSCC raised over $1 million, more than any minority party in the first fundraising period in an off-year, Gianaris said in the statement.

“It means that people who participate in the political process are starting to believe that the Democrats are retaking the majority both because we had an outstanding session and enacted a number of our most important priorities like same-sex marriage and enhancement of the rent laws and also because of the political imperative that in a presidential election year, more Democrats turn out to vote. In a year when we are in minority by the slimmest of margins and the Republicans hold multiple seats that they have no business holding…People that are astute political observers recognize that Democrats are coming back.”

Democrats are, however, over $2 million in debt, and so Gianaris said most of the money they take in is going towards paying down the debt.

Gianaris said that Senate Democrats were already in the midst of candidate recruitment, and that even if the G.O.P. retains control of the redistricting process — instead of a nonpartisan commission, as Governor Cuomo and Democrats want — “it won’t save them.”

  Gianaris Touts 'Record-Breaking' Senate Fundraising Totals: 'Democrats Are Coming Back'