GOP: Heck of a job Sweeney

The state GOP is robo-calling select voters in Democratic areas telling them to call state Sen. President Steve Sweeney (D-3) to congratulate him on a job well done by working with the Republican governor on pension and benefits reform.

The tongue-in-cheek congrats calls were from the state Republican Party, and NJGOP communications director Rick Gorka said the robocall was planned before Sweeney’s unrepentant remarks over the weekend. He said the calls were statewide, while sources said they were heavier in Democratic areas.

Among the recipients of the call? Democratic state Sen. Shirley Turner.

The phone message tells voters to call Sweeney directly to congratulate him, which probably wouldn’t go over well with the Senate prez. He called his bipartisan partner a “prick” and a “bastard” over the weekend, so… GOP: Heck of a job Sweeney