Guilty Plea Leads Paz de la Huerta to Alcohol Counseling, Lotion


It was last March, and Paz de la Huerta found herself — as she often can be — in the Boom Boom Room. It was, at first, just another party. Then a scuffle broke out.

And how the fists flew! Paz had attacked a person named Samantha Swetra, who has played herself in 21 episodes of Hills spinoff The City. Ms. de la Huerta referred to Ms. Swetra as a “fake actress publicity-seeker!” OK, Paz, we all have our opinions.

The ordeal came to a head yesterday in Manhattan Criminal Court. The Boardwalk Empire actress pleaded guilty to a mild harassment charge, and will complete a single day of community service and ten weeks of alcohol counseling as a result.

But enough of the boring stuff! The New York Post spends most of the article focusing on, um, her legs.

The physically-endowed actress had just gone through the magnetometers when she pulled a tube of lotion out of her bag and decided that right there on the lobby carpet was a fine place to moisturize.

And more!

“We were riveted,” said one male employee, asking his name not be used. “She did both legs, all the way up to the thighs. It was lovely. Very nice lotioning.”

Another consequence of the plea is a two-year ban on contacting Ms. Swetra. But that won’t be too difficult for Ms. de la Huerta. At The Devil’s Double after party Monday — again, at the Boom Boom Room — she was still speaking ill of the reality television star.

“It’s important to stay away from publicity-seeking people,” she told The Observer. Guilty Plea Leads Paz de la Huerta to Alcohol Counseling, Lotion