Happy Murdoch Hearing Day! [WATCH]

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy 12:00 Could this tip the sympathy scales? It’s

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

12:00 Could this tip the sympathy scales? It’s hard to beat the televised physical humiliation of an elderly man in terms of things that make you want to stand up for someone.

11:55 Live feed has been cut for ten minutes following an attack on Rupert Murdoch–which involved pie or fake pie? Wendi punched back? Twitter’s a nightmare.

11:47 Rupert invokes his father, who bequeathed him a small paper specifically to “give [him] a chance to do good.” He adds that he would love to see his sons and daughters follow in his footsteps.

11:18 We’re getting bored. This show could use a redhead.

11:06 James Murdoch is not a lawyer.

10:47 Murdoch shouts out Robert Thomson–preparing shareholders for his imminent ascension?

10:36 James Murdoch is hitting is stride! Remembering dates, deflecting questions he can’t answer with very specific, tangential responses, pre-empting other questions.

10:30 Rupert says having a competitive press is inconvenient for some people (like his competitors?) but we’re stronger for it.

10:25 “It has some detail in it, but not too much, so people read it.” Sounds like News Corp.’s editorial standards apply to employee manuals and New York broadsheets alike.

10:20 Observer nightlife reporter Nate Freeman weighs in:

Nate: the container to the slight left of Rupert looks suspiciously like a handle of Aristocrat vodka, sans label

Nate: no?
Nate: uncanny, no?
Nate: or am I projecting?

10:18 A nerdy ex-boyfriend just e-mailed to say Rupert sounds like Emperor Palpatine. Love how this story is bringing people together. 🙂 (I don’t know what that means, by the way, so I don’t necessarily endorse that opinion.)

10:15 Rupert would trust Les Hinton “with his life.” Wonder what he got him for Christmas.

10:13 It’s always shocking to remember that News Corp. is a public company. Did shareholders know how out of touch their CEO Rupert Murdoch is?


10:02 Worth nothing that prior to answering any questions, Rupert pointed out that News of the World is less than 1% of his company, he employees tens of thousands of “dignified” people, etc. Very similar to the victimized position the WSJ editorial board took yesterday.

9:55 No one is enjoying this. Rupert can’t remember any details, Tom Watson sounds like a stern nurse.

9:49 Distracted by Wendi’s hair tosses in the background.

9:47 James Murdoch cannot deny that there is evidence of Rebekah Brooks or Les Hinton phonehacking without almost theatrical stuttering and stammering.

9:43 We’re watching and blogging the News International parliamentary hearings! James Murdoch has taken the lead, Joel Klein and Wendi Murdoch behind him, in solidarity. Rupert looks frozen.

Happy Murdoch Hearing Day! [WATCH]