Harry Potter Friday

Potter fans unite!

Warner Brothers doesn’t want to say goodbye to the Harry Potter franchise, or its profits. When a corpse is resuscitated by a Dark wizard into a ghoulish being with no will of it’s own, it’s called an Inferius. [WSJ]

Slate says Alfonso Cuarón is the only reason Harry Potter is still worth watching. Cuarón, “jolted the series to life and built a scaffold on which director David Yates could construct the four films he’s made.” Prisoners of Azkhaban, the movie Cuarón directed, was also the the lowest-grossing film. [Slate]

J.K. Rowling refused to let the Butterbeer sold in HP theme parks contain corn syrup. [NY Daily News]

Saying goodbye to “the common currency of a generation.” [McClatchy]

Harry Potter’s “gifts to pop culture.” [Salon]

Ralph Fiennes: “Young Voldemort was an orphan and denied any kind of parental affection or love, so he’s been an isolated figure from a very young age.” [Guardian]

Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables: “Anne’s milieu is anti-magical, its animating spirit best stated as the well-scrubbed Canadian practicality of your favorite great-aunt.  Meanwhile, Harry rarely cracks a book in the Potter series, much less seems to want to write one.” [The Millions]

Everything you need to know about Harry Potter in seven minutes (video). [Gawker]

Harry Potter and the field of medical research: “For more than a decade, the boy wizard, whose final movie debuts in theaters tonight, has played a role in studies on everything from genetics to social cognition.” [St. Pete Times]

Harry Potter brings New York to a standstill! [BBC] Harry Potter Friday