Holy Matrimony! It is a Nice Day for a (Bill) White Wedding


Yesterday was a pretty hot day in the Grill Room. George and Lori Hall were here creating a big casino. Their horse, Ruler On Ice, beat 24-to-1 odds to win the Belmont Stakes last month, and they were lunching with the kings of the jockey world. The Grill Room crowd was going nuts, running over to their table and congratulating them. The corks were popping on the Laurent Perrier Rosé! I loved it that the giants of the New York business world —Woody Johnson, Mort Zuckerman, David Dinkins … even Bill O’Shaughnessy was here with a beautiful haircut—were making such a big fuss over the jockeys and kissing them on both cheeks. It was hysterical. Michael Yurch from Sherry-Lehmann—whose own horse Salty Little Sis is on her way to Saratoga—was ordering lots of Champagne.

We recently did a very big 60th birthday party for an incredible woman, Sarina Russo. Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie, gave a tremendous talk. We also had a beautiful lunch for the designer Lisa Perry. She looked spectacular, and her husband looks like a model now!

Speaking of which, Christian Siriano came for lunch in the Pool Room on Friday. He was looking at the space for a potential fashion show, so of course I sent him over one of our chef’s special cotton candy puffs. Thom Browne was also here. It was a very stylish crowd.

But the biggest news this week was the upcoming wedding of Bill White and his companion Bryan Eure. It will be the first same-sex marriage at the Four Seasons. As soon as the gay marriage vote was cast by the New York State Senate, Mr. White called me. There’s a date set in September.  I hear Don Imus is going to officiate, and I hear he is coming in cowboy boots and a hat! There will be human statues, some floating in the pool. It’s very exciting.Everybody is talking about it, and I think all of New York City will be there.  Save the date!



Holy Matrimony! It is a Nice Day for a (Bill) White Wedding